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5 x 8 braided rug product image
5′ x 8′ Oval Braided Rug



5′ x 8′ Oval Braided Rug



5′ x 8′ Oval Braided Rug is a ageless. Our oval braided rugs 5×8 is made from the best yarns and dyes, sewn with the strongest stitches to ensure the it will last longer and look as impressive as the day it was purchased.

Rug / Runner Style: Solid Style
Rug Size: 5' x 8'
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5′ x 8′ Oval Braided Rug is a ageless. This oval braided rugs 5×8 makes a glamorous addition with traditional pattern. Our 5′ x 8′ Oval Braided Rug is made from the best dyes and yarns, sewn with the best stitches to ensure the it will last longer and look as wonderful as the day it was purchased. We sew our with extra durable monofilament thread, which is stronger and more durable than cotton thread. Our super strong monofilament thread lasts a liferime. Our braid is fashioned using 3-carrier braiders for a country braid look. Some manufactures use non-traditional 5-carrier braiders. The braid is constructed from long-lasting yarn, starting with the core and ending with the braid. No fillers or paper in our braid like some manufacturers. Our area rugs add elegance and comfort to any living space. Rugs tie us to our area. They are the focal point of your space. Guard your hardwood floors and carpet. Rugs are the elegant solution to dampen sound, especially if you have hardwood and/or tiled floors in your flat.Our area rugs add style and comfort to any living space, they are large for those high-traffic rooms. Skilled and master creators sew each braided product to create a true work of art. They are classical and glamorous at the same time. Colors are an crucial factor of your pattern, we offer the most color choices. Select from over 100 color combinations. Bring a bit of class to your house. Be country and snazzy at the same time. Fill your house with warmth and richness. Befitting enough for any apartments. Hand-constructed in the foothills of the Carolinas. Fashioned using country braid techniques to ensure high-quality and comfort. Our oval braided rugs is the necessary detail for your design, they help, fortify and, fortify to shape a cohesive feel and look to any room. Flat braid that lays flat without lumps. Our solid style design is a stylish and gorgeous pattern. The solid style design starts with the same color of braid from the start of the rug to the end.

  • oval braided rugs 5×8
  • Solid Style Pattern
  • Constructed by gifted creators.
  • Old-fashioned Design.
  • Proudly Made in America.
  • Hundreds of Colors to choose from.
  • Reversible for double the wear.
  • Additional information

    Weight 20 lbs
    Dimensions 96 × 60 in



    Rug / Runner Style


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