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Return and Exchange Policy

No Refunds or Exchanges

We do not stock any braided rugs, chair pads, stair treads, bench pads, runners, place mats or other braided rug products. Each and every braided rug or braided rug product is custom made for the individual customer after they place an order. For this reason we do NOT accept returns or exchanges of any kind.

We have never had a customer request to return a braided rug or braided product because of a problem with the quality. All requests for returns or exchanges have occurred because of a problem with a color.

Please verify the colors of your rug by taking advantage of our free braid sample program. We will send you an actual piece of the braid in the color you choose. While we have tried to represent our colors in an accurate manner in the pictures on our website, dye lots can and will vary. In addition, computer monitors can vary in the way they display our colors.