Thank you for visiting Heartland Braided Rugs. Heartland Braided Rugs is a family owned business located in Cherryville, NC Рa town in the foothills of western North Carolina.

We are a small Online Only company that specializes in selling high quality braided rugs and other braided products at the best prices directly to the consumer.

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We are an American owned company. Since we started our business in 1998, our rugs have been made by American workers using American made materials.

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Factory Direct Pricing

Our low overhead allows us to offer factory direct pricing on all of our braided rug and braided products. Our rugs start as low as $5.50 a square foot.

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Everything Made to Order

We do not stock any products. All products are made to order for each individual customer after the order is placed!

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Fair and Free Shipping

We don’t inflate the prices of our small items so that we can give you free shipping. Instead, we offer you the best price and shipping at cost.

We do offer free shipping to the continental United States for all orders over $149.

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Quality that Last

Our braided rugs and other braided products are made to last. They are made from the highest quality carpet yarn with a solid core and super strong sewing stitches.

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Free samples

Feel confident in your purchase with free samples. We will send you a small piece of the actual braid so you can see the quality and compare the color to your decor.

custom braid colors

Colors...Colors...Colors or Custom Colors

We offer the most braid colors with over 135 choices, this includes solid colors, two color checks, three color checks and mixed colors.

If you don’t see a color you like design your own!