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3 x 5 Rugs


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3 x 5 Rugs - Area Rugs

3 x 5 Rugs - Braided Rugs

3 x 5 Rugs are the perfect area rugs for your home. We offer 3 x 5 rugs in a country braided style. A braided rug is often considered county and rustic, but the truth is braided rugs are traditional while being classy at the same time. They are perfect for an apartment, farmhouse or any modern home. Besides bringing elegance to a home they are a lovely solution for reducing sound, especially on hardwood floors but they are also perfect addition to any carpeted floor. Our country braided rugs are timeless and elegant. They bring a little bit of country to any room in your home. Select a rug that is one color throughout the rug, a pattern that uses multiple colors, or a unique Jacob's Coat rug made just for you. Braided rugs are durable and long lasting, they are perfect for even the highest traffic areas. A braided rug is made to last a lifetime. Our braided rugs are hand-crafted using historical techniques to ensure the highest quality rug available. We start with high quality carpet yarn that is woven in to a tight braid then sewn together using super strong monofilament, which is more durable than cotton thread. The quality of the our braid and thread means nothing without experienced sewers to sew the rug together. Sewing braided rugs is a technique and skill that can only be mastered with experience. A 3 x 5 rug is the perfect size for the entryway into your home, a small area in your bedroom or living room.

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